Prange Posters & Godowsky

We haven’t posted in a while, but that’s because we have been working hard to finish a couple of projects!

In October and November, the Preservation department worked to clean, flatten, mend, rehouse, and ship off posters from the UMD Prange Collection. Here is a close-up of one of our mended posters. On the left is a large tear in the poster before mending. On the right is a close up of our mend to that tear. For most of the posters, we used Japanese paper and paste to mend.

One of our posters had been modified before it ever made it to UMD! Don’t worry, we repaired these, too.

Our most time-intensive object was “the scroll.” At about 12-1/2 feet, we had to be a little creative with our space. We set up two work tables next to each other and added a board to make up the final few inches of poster. Below are examples of before- and after-mending photos.

We also mended some objects with Heat-Set tissue. We mainly used this method when working with larger mends or water-soluble ink. Below is an example of heat-set tissue repairs over water-soluble ink.


Check out this video from University of British Columbia for more information on mending objects with Japanese paper!

Next, we worked on the Godowsky collection. Over 6 weeks in November and December, we mended 118 items (about 12.8% of the non-music collection), and assessed the conditions of 92 music scores. We mended objects ranging from photos to letters, and assessed music scores for outsourced conservation. To mend, we used a combination of Japanese paper and paste and Heat-Set tissue. Below we have some examples of mends on the correspondence and program collections.

Some of the correspondence included the original envelopes.


We also worked on some photos. Here is an example of one of our favorites, Leopold and Charlie! As you can see, there was a tear between Godowsky and Chaplin, which we mended on the back side.

We also assessed the music scores to be sent to NEDCC for full conservation and digitization. Below we have examples of an unbound score (left) and our bound set of scores, the Triakontameron (right).

We thoroughly enjoyed our digitization prep projects this semester, and our usual binding and mending work! We will be back in January to prepare for the spring semester and look forward to working on new and exciting projects! Thanks for keeping up with us here and on Instagram!