Adventures in Environmental Monitoring

We had two startling events happen here in McKeldin Library this summer. For a quick background, we collect data on a regular basis of the moisture content of books and the relative humidity on the shelves. In an older building like McKeldin Library, this is especially important during the humid months. We usually collect data … Continue reading Adventures in Environmental Monitoring


Wet Salvage Demonstration

Yesterday, we assisted the Preservation course in the iSchool with their “wet salvage” class. We filled tubs with water and library materials (all withdrawn or discarded) so that students could get some hands-on experience salvaging wet materials!  With a little practical experience under their belts, they will be better prepared to face a real-life water-based … Continue reading Wet Salvage Demonstration

Bakers’ Journal

The majority of our time during the fall semester was taken up with conserving the Bakers' Journal for in-house digitization. This was a large-scale, "all hands on deck" type of project where we mended, noted the dates and issues, and foldered (in mylar for stability) and interleaved (with phototex where we wrote the date and … Continue reading Bakers’ Journal


Welcome to the University of Maryland - College Park Library Preservation Department. We are located in the basement of McKeldin Library and we preserve, mend, repair and take care of the books, manuscripts, serials, and objects in the College Park libraries' collections. We will be posting updates, and pictures of our ongoing projects, so watch … Continue reading Welcome